Stream of Consciousness


Improvisation followed by Production

All of the material for the Stream of Consciousness series started as an acoustic guitar improvisation. Very little editing, if any, was done to the acoustic guitar track that you hear in these pieces. Leaving the mistakes in seemed to make it feel more natural and more organic. Less forced and more flowing. The idea was to capture a live performance in the controlled environment of my studio. Once the guitar was recorded, I arranged and produced the synths, percussion and other elements that make up the sonic arrangement.

Minimal and mostly ambient, the production intends to induce a tranquil dream like state that dives deep into the layers of consciousness. One part meditation and one part exercise in guitar performance, these pieces represent what happens when I pick up a guitar and just start playing. I don't tend to play songs that people know, I tend to find a stream and just start swimming in it. It's a true reflection of what I love to do and the kind of musician I've always been.

There are a few other pieces that go with this series and I do intend on remixing them and mastering them for an ambient album release soon.