The Celestial Mechanics (LP) 2013

The Celestial Mechanics (LP) 2013


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Set to audio from the NASA Apollo 11 moon mission, John Orr takes us on an experimental, mostly instrumental, electronic, musical journey to the moon and back again.

It’s about moving forward with gratitude and curiosity and without fear.
It’s about moving into the unknown, setting a course with velocity and dealing with whatever comes your way. Inertia instigated with love.

Somewhere there is a line. A line that we each must face and cross alone with our own trepidation. A line that defines who we are and what we choose to be. It is a line that sets our trajectory beyond a point of no return where we align ourselves with the stars and become a part of something much bigger than ourselves. There are no stationary bodies in this universe, everything is moving forward.

released November 1, 2013

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01. The Source
02. Apollo
03. Earthrise
04. Module Separation
05. Into the Egg
06. Sea of Tranquility
07. The Eagle Rises
08. Reentry
09. Splashdown