Surfing the Rings of Saturn (LP) 2017

Surfing the Rings of Saturn (LP) 2017


320k MP3 Bundled Zip Archive

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Surfing the Rings of Saturn is John's first full length instrumental album that truly focuses on his guitar playing.  MP3 format at 320K bundled Zip file. Must download to a desktop computer and not a mobile device to unzip.

Using lots of analog synths, computerized drums and arpeggiators, John creates a Sci-Fi landscape on top of which he weaves a clean almost at times surf sounding Stratocaster that shimmers and shines. Lovers of classic science fiction films and surf instrumentals of yesterday are sure to find something to love on this album.

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01, Blues For Rhea - 04:25
02.Satellite Breakdown - 03:42
03. Galaxy Invaders - 03:26
04. Fragile Arms - 04:20
05. Surfing the Rings of Saturn - 03:37
06. Way of the Dinosaurs - 03:56
07. Skywalk - 05:21
08. The Shadows of Mimas - 04:03
09. Stratosphere - 04:36
10, Hyperion Moon - 03:56
11. Stargazer - 03:38