Singularities (LP) 2015

Singularities (LP) 2015


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Presenting the first compilation release from John Orr Franklin. If you ever wanted to sample some of John’s recordings, this is the best way to do it. Singularities complies eleven tracks from John’s prior album releases and also includes the single “Lonely Robots Dream” which makes its first appearance on compact disc.

Personally curated and handpicked by John, these songs represent some of the highlights of the past seven years in the musical world of John Orr Franklin.

released March 4, 2015

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01. For the World to See
02. Love Light Alive
03. Soldier On
04. Energy
05. Transformation
06. Hypnotized
07. Sea of Tranquility
08. Alpha and Omega
09. This Day
10,  Vanishing Umbra
11. Lonely Robots Dream