Pathways (LP) 2007

Pathways (LP) 2007


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Written and recorded throughout 2006 at Blue Room Digital studios in Austin Texas, John has created a collection of 14 songs that capture his true appreciation of the modern recording studio as an enviroment of musical creation in which the realm of sonic possibilities that music and technology allow are truly boundless. Alternating between vocal material and instrumental material the Pathways project captures a sense of duality that represents the elements of choice that we each must face.

released March 7, 2007

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01. Energy
02. Worlds Keep Turning
03. Out of the Zone
04. Pathways
05. Still
06. Take a Chance
07. Time With No Reply
08. Flood Dance
09. Stem
10. Running
11. Night Falls
12. Straight On Till Dawn
13. Another Days Sunrise
14. Open Your Eyes