Lineage (LP) 2015

Lineage (LP) 2015


The Lineage album takes John Orr's music into a new uncharted territory. Featuring songs of love, lust and universal belonging. The album explores the past in hopes of better understanding the present. All things happen for a reason and all things that have happened have made the here and now, what it is today.

Lineage..... without acknowledging where we came from it is quite easy to miss the line forward and fall away from the path that is in front of us. Ultimately, we end where we begin.

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01. In the Here and Now
02. I Move On
03. Say Why
04. Wave on Wave
05. Bloodlines
06. Soul Mates
07. The River of Love
08. Selfless Love
09. Sage Brush Hollow
10. Places of Your Soul