Pathways Remastered! Coming March 22!


Originally released in 2007, my first album Pathways set me on the coarse that I am still on today. It was pulled from digital circulation a few years ago because the volume was not competing with the standards of today on streaming channels such as Spotify and Apple Music. I always intended to remedy the problem and get it back online.

I’ve now remastered all 14 of the originally tracks in my personal studio. Applying some modern compression techniques and adding a touch of EQ to the mixes has certainly brought them back to life and up to speed with the standards of streaming media today. So much so that I decided to take the opportunity to create a new artwork for the cover and go ahead and reissue the album completely as a new digital album release.
There are no plans for a new physical release as of right now.

Pathways Remastered will arrive online Friday March 22.


Track Listing:
1. Energy
2. Worlds Keep Turning
3. Out of the Zone
4. Pathways
5. Still
6. Take a Chance
7. Time With No Reply
8. Flood Dance
9. Stem
10. Running
11. Night Falls
12. Straight On Till Dawn
13. Another Days Sunrise
14. Open Your Eyes

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