"Time Space" New Single


The latest album is beginning to take shape and I'm reinitializing the blog here on my website to pass along information about the project as it develops and to keep my head out of social media. The blog rolls on!

The first track I'd like to share here is a piece I call "Time Space". I've spent well over a year creating this vast sonic landscape that has been inspired by a new regime of meditation. In these meditations the goal is to reach out and become essentially nothing, no one and nowhere. Only an awareness of time and of space within our universe, reaching out with consciousness. It takes practice and the goal is to end up in a mindful place that can really only be defined as Time Space. The clarity and calming that it brings is a true centering and a great way to declutter your mind in what can be an extremely over stimulating world. I recommend every one seek out their own way and their own teacher to practice this.

It's my hope that the music can even help facilitate this process. I truly see the music I make thriving in this type of environment more than say, a bar, or even a theatre where the music is performed. The music is probably best enjoyed just as it was made, in solitude and in a peaceful surrounding. So put on some headphones and take a ride with me into my musical concept of Time Space. Within consciousness and within awareness.

As with all of my past projects, the recordings were all done in my home studio. The single releases so far are being mastered in another room here at my studio but will be hitting the pro facility once the entire record is complete.

The single is available in the player here on this page to stream or you can download an mp3 directly from me in the download store here on my site. The "Time Space" single is also available right now via Spotify and iTunes Apple Music as well as most other media outlets.

Feel free to leave me a comment here on the blog and let me know what you think about the new track.

Until next time. Enjoy! - JOF

The Ghost of Houdini
By John Orr Franklin
By John Orr Franklin