"Cruise Control" Single & Lyric Video


Cruise Control was originally released about a year ago under the moniker "sonjohn" in tribute to my parents. Originally intended to become an EP if not a full LP, the sonjohn project has since been put on a back burner as newer ideas and concepts have taken precedence. A few of those songs have continued to evolve over the past year. This is one of my favorites from the project.

Since it's release a year ago I added quite a few guitar tracks, although it is still a very much synth focused track. I felt it's time had come to finally release it as a JOF track. Just as a single for now, I'm not sure it will fit in with the other more ambient new age things I'm working on for the forthcoming Sanctuary album but who knows. Maybe I'll throw it together with the last country song I posted and just call it a gumbo of music. Sometimes albums flow better with a range  of styles. It really just depends on how things evolve and come together.

If this is the first time you've heard the track I hope you enjoy it. The lyric video for this one is another one that I'm proud of. I'm getting better at putting these things together. The setting for this track is a futuristic alternate reality Tokyo (driving on the western side of the road) in what I imagined as a robotic car of the future. Think synthwave cyberpunk ala 1980's Robocop and you'll have the vibe.

The track is already up on Spotify and should be hitting all the other digital outlets by the end of the week! Until next time! Cheers! - JOF

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