"Taking it Slow" Lyric Video

IMG_2389 (1).JPG

Sometimes my Tennessee comes out. Although after 18 years there's certainly a good bit of Texas in here as well.

When it happens I just let it roll. I don't however typically release songs such as this because it represents a complete lack of focus on my part to be consistent. That said.. I'm putting it out for you all to hear anyway.

Those that know me have heard songs like this before from me but it's been awhile. Some days I just get on a roll and decide make something different happen. This morning I got up early, remixed the song (which was written and recorded for the most part well over a year ago), conceptualized and shot footage for the lyric part of the video, mastered the song to my limited standards and tastes, assembled footage from our road trip to New Mexico from a few months ago and then spent the rest of the afternoon editing this video. Something I truly can't stand to do but do anyway as a necessity. Like everything I do, if I don't do it, no one will.

So essentially, I started the day with a loose idea for an Ameripolitan Country tune that was stashed and buried on my hard drive in the studio and by the end of the day, churned it into a Tuesday evening video release you all can enjoy, assuming you decide to hit the play button.

All in a days work you might say.I'd still have to say that I'm taking it slow though. Hope you enjoy hearing this "something different" from me!

Some day some way there will be a full album of material like this. It may take a few more years for that to happen though. ;-) We’re about half way there! Taking it Slow. Ha ha ha.