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I see the music I make as a bit of light in the darkness. Much like this lonely fragile planet spins alone through the vastness of space, my music serves as a similar sanctuary for myself and for those that choose to use it as such. The music I make on my own has never been dark, risqué or edgy as most modern music seems to be. I'm actually fine with that. It's never been my goal to popularize myself as much as I've always just hoped the music would travel on it's own, without the fame and even without the fortune that most automatically assume are the goals of anyone in the music industry. My goal has always been to create recorded music so it can travel on it's own, through time and through space, without me.

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee where there wasn’t much live music to experience, so my window to the world of music was mostly via the records I bought and the radio stations I tuned in to. To me, the album has always been the central art piece that allowed the music to travel. As you can imagine, this ultimately led to a rather obsessive and extensive music collection that you can follow to this day via my personal Instagram account. It’s ironic now that I live in Austin where live music is everywhere. but I still spend much of my time isolated working in my studio a bit like a mad scientist and listening to the albums in my collection when I'm cooking or relaxing in my house. It’s just what I love.

As soon as I learned how to bang out some simple riffs on my first electric guitar, I was writing and recording my own songs. Borrowing my guitar teachers Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, I self-produced and wrote a full-length album for one of my first bands at the age of 17.  Ever since then it’s always been this process of musical creation that motivates me to work on my music every day.


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