Current Productions

This page will feature my newest studio creations as the latest album develops and unfolds, titles may change, mixes may change, art work and imagery will evolve,  but this page will represent what I'm currently in process of producing and trying on for size. If you'd like to collect these tracks as they evolve, when they are complete, some of these tracks will be available for sale in the download store as well before the complete album is compiled and made available for purchase. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy following along as things progress!

Under the Same Moon

Adrift part 2



Find me
In the light beyond
Try me
I’ll show you how to hold on
Never grow old
Down in the great pantheon

I’ll listen
Until the light of day
I’ll kiss you
and take the pain away
All is foreseen

The deal it will always renew
there’s no more debts that are due
the end comes from out of the blue
seems as if we’re just passing through

©2018 Blue Room Digital Music

Seems as if this world has grown cold
lines on my face start to show
the truth that we’re all bought and sold
a tree that will never grow old

Find me
see the light beyond
Try me
I’ll show you how we could soar
Never grow old
Once we walk straight through that door

I’ll listen
Until the light of day
I’ll kiss you
and take the pain away
All is foreseen


I'm leaning towards Sanctuary as the title track for this compilation once all of these songs are done. I'm digging the progression and theme of the artwork above as well. Very reminiscent of some of my past releases. In terms of genre, I'm not sure that they still call it New Age but I think that might be the best fit for most of this new work.

riding the clouds 3-01-01.jpg

Riding the Clouds

The hardest part about this track has also made it the most fun to produce. In the past I've really only had a few guitars to pick from to produce a track. For this one I've tried to incorporate a number of different styles and tones of guitar to embellish the track. Finding the right axe for the right passage has been a tremendous learning experience for me in understanding the different instruments. Many of the instruments that I tried did not make it into the final mix.

The track features a Gretsch hollowbody, a Fender Stratocaster as well as a Taylor acoustic 12 string. All electric guitars were recorded through a Fractal Axe FX 2.

tuning in-01.jpg


uning In

Take a virtual hike through Tent Rocks national monument in New Mexico. Featuring my new music entitled "Kasha-Katuwe" meaning "white cliffs" in the local Cochiti Pueblo language.
you let me down1.jpg

You Let Me Down

The first preview track I've posted that is a vocal song and more of a pop song. I think it's turning out great! This is the first song I wrote on my new Gretsch 12 string electric guitar.

The song is ultimately about  my current relationship with the world. So many things have changed in the world recently that it does seem to be like suddenly living in a parallel universe. This is a theme that I've been writing about allot and is a topic covered in several more of the new tracks in production that may eventually get featured here.


“You Let Me Down”

There are times that I feel
like I’m just getting started
and times that I feel
like I’m already lost
but all there is
is all in now

The inside is out and the outside is in
The up side is down
but me I’m not down and out
I’m still around

As I try to smile through the tears
with love and affection
and I will not dwell on the years
you let me down

Through all of the bad times
there’s always some good times
A day from the past
or one to look forward to
It’s all here now

As I try to bury the pain
with love and affection
still all of the stars will reveal
you let me down

I will hang on to the stars
and hope that
I  didn’t let you down
Yes I only wish that I wouldn’t have let you down

And I will look back on these days
with love and affection
and I will not dwell on the ways
you let me down
And I will just count all the days
with love and a smile
and I will just bury the ways
you let me down

©2018 Blue Room Digital Music