John Orr Franklin - The passion of production


As soon as I had learned how to bang out some simple riffs on my first electric guitar, I was writing and recording my own songs. Borrowing my guitar teachers Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, I self-produced and wrote a full-length album for one of my first bands at the age of 17.  Ever since then it’s always been about all these activities for me. Not just playing an instrument, not just audio recording, and not just song writing and composition. Even the sleeve artwork is a passion and process I enjoy creating to go with the music. It’s been the never wavering drive to truly master all these things that motivates me each day.

I grew up in a small town in Tennessee where there wasn’t much live music to experience, so my window to the world of music was mostly via the records I bought and the radio stations I tuned in to. To me, the album has always been the central art piece and the performance was just a way to promote the album. It’s ironic now that I live in Austin where live music is everywhere. but I still spend much of my time isolated in my studio. It’s just the work I love.

Nowadays with the internet available to promote the music I see the reality of touring as less necessary. At least for a recording artist with a small following like myself. Everyone has their own unique path to follow and that is right for them. All I know is that I’m happier than I’ve ever been, doing exactly what I want to do. It’s all the success I’ve ever really wanted.

All of that said, I do hope that I can visit your town and perform for you some day. Until that can happen, feel free to listen to the records that are streaming, online. There are even a few free downloads on the home page. If you feel inclined, you can support my music by purchasing some MP3’s from the download store; I would be truly grateful.

Thanks for visiting and for allowing me to share my thoughts and music. Now… back to making more music. Cheers!