by John Orr Franklin

Experimenting with putting some of the latest tracks together for the new album!

It would appear that the overall theme for the album really has much more to do with dealing with grief than I’d realized. It’s certainly a topic we all have to deal with and I think it’s obviously the work I’ve needed to be doing the past few years.

We’ll see which tracks make the cut and play with the running order some more in the coming weeks. It’s already quite a long album but I still have another track or two to finish up and get into the running and I’m thinking there may still be a few tweaks to make on some of these tracks even though they’ve already been released digitally. All in all it’s certainly getting close! This represents over two years of work and it’s still got a few months to go.

I’ll be remastering all of the tracks once the running order is set.

Have a listen and feel free to send me any feedback ;-)