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About my Music

I see the music I make as a bit of light in the darkness. Much like this lonely fragile planet spins alone through the vastness of space, my music serves as a similar sanctuary for myself and for those that choose to use it as such.

The goal for me as an artist today is tranquility in music.

My main goal in making music these days is to provide an alternative to upbeat high energy music. While strong, high energy, emotional music is a great thing and I love music that makes me want to move my body, I tend to believe the other end of the spectrum is mostly missing from music. Music can and should cover all ranges of emotions. It seems to me that what is most popular these days tends to be the most intense and sometimes stressful music. This energy reflects our culture today. Maybe if we had something with a different energy to play while we were in the traffic jam, it would change our whole way of thinking about things?

Stripping away much of the ego driven blast and bombast of decades of rock and roll and trying something new; I hope to provide another use for music. It’s still a work in progress and I’m still striving to reach this goal. Something more introspective, something more about peace and less about war. Music that creates a relaxing environment. You won’t find me performing it in your typical live music venues.

I’ll always listen to all kinds of music and I’m certainly not stating that all music should have this quality; I’m merely hoping to present an alternative with the music I create. Perhaps something that is truly an alternative music.

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