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I see the music I make as a bit of light in the darkness. Much like this lonely fragile planet spins alone through the vastness of space, my music serves as a similar sanctuary for myself and for those that choose to use it as such.

As soon as I learned how to bang out some simple riffs on my first electric guitar, I was writing and recording my own songs. Borrowing my guitar teachers Tascam 4 track cassette recorder, I self-produced and wrote a full-length album for one of my first bands at the age of 17.  Ever since then itโ€™s always been this process of musical creation that motivates me to work on my music every day. Iโ€™ve now written, recorded and released over ten albums worth of material.

My journey as an artist has allowed me to create a catalog of music that represents self-introspection and reflection while at the same time bringing along all others that have chosen to tether themselves to me and to my music. I find the time I spend searching for my own voice in a world that does nothing but drown out and erase most self-expression; the most important work I can undergo.

It certainly takes a village to propel the music out into the world and while this creative path I endure may be an isolating one; I still depend on anyone and everyone that has an interest in my music to help it be heard. To everyone that has ever helped by passing along my name or a CD or a link to a song; I thank you for your help, love and support. Without this interaction it would not be worth sharing my music and all that I have discovered about myself and the world.


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